Embracing Reflections, To Enjoy The Light Within: The Latest Project From David Djite

For riders around the world, snowboarding remains the epitome of self-expression, providing a tool not only for physical performance, but artistic outlet, allowing the rider to show just who they truly are. 

Nobody embodies this more than David Djite. 

“In the reflective heart, emotions dance in the light of understanding, creating patterns of meaning.”

Babacar David Djité

The Swiss rider returns with a new film that bridges these worlds, highlighting the inherent beauty of flowful, floating, and powerful riding whilst asking the audience to reflect on their understanding not just of the sport, but individual creativity itself. 

It’s this aim that David hopes audiences will take from the film. “With Reflections, I hope to make snowboarding more accessible, allowing a broader audience to appreciate the sport’s beauty and artistic potential. The film is an opportunity to create a new narrative in snowboarding, one that encourages the exploration of fresh ideas and expressions beyond conventional norms. This project aims to break free from restrictive expectations and open up a space where creativity in snowboarding can thrive” 

Directed by Fabian F. Fuchs and shot over the winter of ‘23, the film acts as a follow up to Eudemonia and mixes night shots from Laax and the US, with powder riding in Austria. Blended together with abstract visual art representing David’s inner reflections, offering a true breath of snowboard film-making.


Directed by Fabian F. Fuchs
Produced by Babacar David Djité
Cinematography by Colden Rand
Photography by Dominic Zimmermann
Additional Filming by Seamus Foster, FFF
Music by Miles Singleton
Light Sculpture by Atelier-FFF
Color grading by Markus Wetterberg

The North Face

Embrace Reflections as your filter to enjoy the light within.

Fabian F. Fuchs