Welcome to Atelier FFF, a creative sanctuary where boundless imagination meets authentic expression. As an open creative collective, we passionately offer services in creative direction, art direction, creative consulting, and film direction. Rooted in the values of true creation and authenticity, we are more than a collective; we are a haven for those who seek genuine, original experiences. Each project is approached with unwavering commitment, ensuring your vision remains true to itself. At Atelier-FFF, creativity knows no limits, and we invite you to join us on this journey where innovation and authenticity converge in a shared celebration of true artistic expression.

Fabian F. Fuchs, also known as FFF, is a visionary and self-taught German visual artist and filmmaker who creates captivating and thought-provoking artworks and films that explore the inner search for meaning and the parallel universes surrounding us. His unique approach utilizes both analog and digital mediums, haptic and acoustic tools, to create a truly authentic and original voice in the art and film worlds. Growing up in the culture of skate and snowboarding had a deep impact on his artistic journey and continues to influence his work today.

He began his professional career as an art and creative director in the innovation lab of a creative agency, where he trained his approach to implement high-tech concepts and conceptual work, art direction was an integral part of his role in this profession. However, he felt something was missing in the perfect pixel world and started exploring analog techniques like illustration and painting as a way to break free and add more emotion to his work. This self-taught process led him to explore other haptic and acoustic tools, and filmmaking, taking him on a journey to extraordinary places and experiences with the goal of sharing his findings with an audience.

FFF’s work is not just limited to action sports, but his background and love for the culture, allows him to capture the raw emotion and intensity of the athletes, the stunning visuals and parallel universe in which they exist. The discoveries are transported through different media such as filmmaking, painting, and illustration as well as sculptural works with soundscapes.

He is driven by the question of understanding if we are living in a parallel universes and this question drives him to push boundaries and strive to create powerful and meaningful works that are both commercially successful and critically acclaimed. He continues to produce work that captivates audiences and has been screened on a global stage, receiving recognition for its excellence.


Galerie Lauth, Ludwigshafen


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Nitro Snowboards
Polar Skate Co.
K2 Snowboarding
Last Resort AB
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