FFF X Nitro Snowboards USA

photography: Markus Rohrbacher

Nitro T1 x FFF Snowboard and shortfilm

Artwork: FFF
A filmy by Fabian F. Fuchs
with Benny Urban, Dominik Wager, Nils Arvidsson, Yanneck Konda
With music composed for this film by FFF.

Nitro Snowboards | T1 x FFF This is a collaboration celebrating attention to detail, friends, excitement, focus, and the joys of provided through snowboarding. Fabian F. Fuchs (FFF) created a graphic that showcases what snowboarding means for freestyle snowboarders like Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban, and many more. To celebrate the 19th year and new T1 x FFF collaboration, Fabian Fuchs (the artist) filmed, edited, and directed this T1 x FFF video featuring his good friends Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Nils Arvidsson, and Yanneck Konda. This is the highlights the everyday playful side of snowboarding on the T1.

Nitro Snowboards USA
photography: Markus Rohrbacher, Artwork: FFF, Rider: Dominik Wagner
Nitro Snowboards T1 x FFF